SurgicaVR is a software platform for real-time surgical simulation and set of tools for developing such simulations built on top of Unity3D. VR simulation can contribute. to surgical training and improve the educational experience.


A core component of SurgicaVR is DefKit (Deformable Toolkit) - a bespoke physically-based modelling and simulation framework developed from the ground up with Unity3D and medical simulation in mind.

It is a culmination of more than eight years of academic research and development in the field of virtual surgical simulation.


The foundations of SurgicaVR were laid by more than 8 years of continuous research and development during several academic projects carried out at the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London


DefKit provides realistic and robust simulation of virtual anatomy, surgical instruments and complex interactions between them such us tissue cutting, coagulation, suturing etc. The simulation engine is developed around the concept of unified physics solver and position-based dynamics (PBD). To leverage the power of modern multi-core CPUs and massively-parallel GPUs its latest version was fully rewritten from native C/C++ to Unity’s Job System, Burst compiler and Compute Shaders.